What is a very effective and easy workout routine?

My 13 year old boy is very overweight. He is kind of lazy, he hates to run and he doesnt have any access to equipment to workout. What is a good workout routine for him?


oh man that’s tough! I have a 11 year old brother that is beginning to put on some weight and doesn’t like exercise or sports. He looks up to me and wants to work out like I do, however I live thousands of miles away from him (senior in college) and am not around to inspire him.
Before you go find an exercise program you have to encourage him to change his values/attitude about exercise. Most people, adults included, believe exercise is “work,” but in truth it can be FUN. When I am around my little brother he all of a sudden gets a strong burst of encouragement to go biking up hills with his older brother. My mother (who is a health nut) is perplexed at how I do it.
I recommend finding him some role models that have good attitudes about exercise. Kids are very impressionable and if their heroes exercise, believe me, they will too. If you force him to do a workout routine then he’ll roll his eyes and say ” awwww do I have to?” and won’t put 100% into it.
Good Luck

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